Death Register 

Basic Process 

For deaths when the funeral is celebrated in the parish or in the parish boundaries, the following information is to be entered into the death Register (Can. 1182).  

  1. The legal Christian names of the diseased person. 
  2. The age of the diseased person. 
  3. The full name of the nearest living relative. 
  4. The date of death. 
  5. The date and place of interment.  

Source of Data 

The data needed for the Death Register is ordinarily provided by funeral director. 


When the body has been cremated, no reference to the date or place of cremation is made in the Death Register. However, the fact of cremation should be noted as well as the date and place of the ashes’ interment.  

 Notification of Church of Baptism 

No notice of death needs to be sent to the church of Baptism.